"I think the value add of MindShift Partners is that they can fill the gap between a company that can support a full-time controller or CFO, and a company that is on the way to getting there. With the right person part time, from a company that has a stable of resources ready to respond, we can prepare for the growth without stifling ourselves or straining cash flow."

- Greg Moore, CEO, Harbor Healthcare
Pink Sheet IR Services

MindShift Partners works with Pink Sheet and small and microcap companies that are undercovered and want to increase and improve their analyst coverage. 


Improved analyst coverage can lead to improved liquidity for existing shareholders, a higher percentage of institutional ownership in the company’s stock, and often leads to an increase in the stock price as well.


We work with management to distill a set of credible financial projections on top of their historical financial data.  We work with a major IR firm to get the company access to buy-side and sell-side analysts.  We also facilitate the due diligence by those analysts by gathering the following information in one place:


  • Recent SEC filings
  • Audited financials (or 2 years of GAAP financials)


We also gather the following proprietary information, to be accessed only by analysts interested in covering the company:

  • Financial projections by management (password-protected)
  • Top customers (password-protected)
  • Revenue by account and by SKU (password-protected)
  • Inventory data (password-protected)


In cases where the desire is to relist on a different exchange (OTCBB, AMEX or NASDAQ), MindShift can provide referrals to corporate attorneys, bridge investors, and auditors.



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