"I think the value add of MindShift Partners is that they can fill the gap between a company that can support a full-time controller or CFO, and a company that is on the way to getting there. With the right person part time, from a company that has a stable of resources ready to respond, we can prepare for the growth without stifling ourselves or straining cash flow."

- Greg Moore, CEO, Harbor Healthcare

CPA Partners

Mindshift Partners works closely with CPA firms in Los Angeles and Orange County.  We are not auditors, so we don't compete with CPA firms for audit clients. Instead, we focus on helping their clients prepare for their audit.  We also help clients involved in transactions to prepare for financial due diligence.

During busy season, CPA firms are often resource-constrained, and turn to Mindshift Partners to help clean up their clients' books before the start of field work. In addition, clients preparing for a transaction may need an Acting CFO or Controller, which we can also provide.

CPA firms benefit by saving time and valuable resources during the cleanup phase. In addition, when an audit runs smoothly, CPA firms ultimately build stronger relationships with their clients.

We refer audit and tax clients back to CPA firms when our clients have a need in those areas.  CPA firms in our network and in our Directory particularly benefit from those referrals.

How CPA Firms Benefit from Working with Mindshift Partners
arrows What MindShift Can Do For
CPA Clients

We refer audit and tax clients to our CPA partners when firms in our network have that need.

We help your firm strengthen your client relationships.

We have provided CPA firms with resources for certain projects such as SOX 404 compliance for their clients.

Perform pre-audit and pre-diligence cleanup of books and records.

Provide acting CFOs and Controllers on a project or part-time basis.

Build investor-grade models for clients that want to raise capital.

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