"I think the value add of MindShift Partners is that they can fill the gap between a company that can support a full-time controller or CFO, and a company that is on the way to getting there. With the right person part time, from a company that has a stable of resources ready to respond, we can prepare for the growth without stifling ourselves or straining cash flow."

- Greg Moore, CEO, Harbor Healthcare
CFO Services

MindShift Partners can provide Acting CFOs on a part-time or project basis. This is the perfect solution for companies who are not ready to hire a full-time CFO or who need access, on a project basis, to a higher level of expertise than currently available in-house. Our CFO-level Associates have 15+ years of experience in Corporate Accounting, Corporate Development, and/or Audit experience, and many have CPAs, MBAs, and SEC experience. We also provide the option for you to hire our Associates on a full-time basis following the contract period. view case studies


MindShift Partners can provide Acting Controllers on a part-time or project basis. We have found that many small and medium-sized organizations have a Controller who is really more of a Bookkeeper/Controller.  Clients typically ask our that consultants to act as their Controller when they find that they need a higher level of experience and analysis.  This often happens when the company is preparing for a transaction or a multiyear audit.  view case studies

Accounting Manager/VP Finance/Analyst

One of the benefits to working with Mindshift Partners is our ability to provide a consultant who can fill a role such as Accounting Manager, Analyst, or VP of Finance on either a full-time or part-time basis.  If your company needs a higher level of analysis but doesn't want or can't afford to hire someone full-time, talk to us about part-time options.

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